Sunday, October 19, 2008

quick quick

I have not had internet for days! I am only getting it slightly right now....ok, quick before it goes away again...I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to our Long Beach Show on Friday night! It was SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!

One of our favorite bands of all time, The Soft Hands, had their record release party and it was amazing! Alex's bar was packed to the brim, and we got to play to so many new faces. We feel so lucky that The Soft Hands put us on their record release bill. They are so incredible. It was such a great night! My favorite night playing in Long Beach so far, it was very magical...AND, it was really great playing with and meeting two wonderful and sweet bands, the Year Zero, and the Fling. OH internet is going out...nooooooo ok quick other thoughts...oh it was so sweet, the band, The Primos, came to see us and drove all the way to Long Beach on their motorcycles! They are such an amazing band. Oh! and the Hollowbodies came!(they are these sweet girls that have Not Missed one show of our's in an entire year!) I will talk more about them later, as they deserve an entire holiday dedicated to them they mean so much to our band.

oh what elese...I saw the film Persepolis yesterday, and it totally blew me away. It is such a beautiful film. I will have to go into more later, becuase it really really touched me deeply. I am half Iranian, but I was born in Northern California, and I still know very very little about my Iranian history and ancestry. I learned alot from this film, and a WHOLE bunch of PUZZLE peices from my PAST....fell into place. WHOA. I am STILL PROCESSING IT ALL. so heavy. It was a tear jerker, but a beautiful and artistic and funny and creative and just..awe inspiring film, that I hope you all get a chance to see. I can't believe I have a last name like Negahdari and it took me this long to see this film! What was I thinking!?? :) :) :)

my internet is going away now....

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