Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Solo show tonight at Spaceland!!!

Last minute, Free show tonight!!! At Spaceland!!! Me solo, mostly acoustic, with the Sad Solids!!!
I go on at 10pm!!

with Rocco Deluca and Correatown!!!!

Love you

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 the year of magic

Hey!! I haven't written for soooo long!!!! I can't believe it has been this long! So much has happened. Hmmm...Lets see where do I start...

Happy New Year!!! Let's create the most delicious year of our lives!!! Say it out loud with me....(YOU BETTER say it, otherwise I will be totally embarrassed saying this out loud all by myself!!!) ready..say it with me -
"2009 is going to be the Best Year of my life so far!!!"

WOW!! Didn't that feel thrilling?!! :)

I hope you had a lovely New Years Eve. I had a great one.

I always feel like the first hours of the New Year are going to represent somehow the theme of my year to come. If that is the case, then this year is going to be filled with warmth, kindness, genuine connection with other people, and love. That is the best stuff of life! So I'm excited!

I have been feeling deeply spiritual this first week of the new year too. Not spiritual in any religious sense..just...hhmmm...I feel almost Called to be the best of myself all day, all of the time. I feel like my heart is more open to giving and recieving LOVE and Gentleness and Joy then it ever has been. I truely feel this really strong sense of mystery...and magic...and the the MOON....yyyyyeeeeeeeeeoooooowwwww!!!!....I waaaant to howl and run in the nude in the moonlight and twirl until I'm dizzy and laugh until we all fall asleep around the campfire!!!! That is What i want Right Now......

What else do i have to tell you.....well, I got very sick the last two weeks of December. I couldn't eat or walk or anything, so I just watched movies all day long for ten days. I was alone for Christmas becuase I was too sick to drive anywhere. It was sad for a moment, but after i got over that feeling, it was wonderful! It felt really really good to just kind of detox from outside stimulation and really go within as i looked out on the new year.

We played at Spaceland on New Years Eve, and I gotta tell ya, it was my favorite New Years Eve of my whole life!!! It was perfect. It was so warm and fun and lovely! We played with The Pity Party and The Henry Clay People, who played covers late into the night! It was really a great night.

I also feel like making my best of 2008 list!

I'll start with my best local bands songs of 2008
In no particular order
1. that one my One Trick pony that goes "trust me, im the only friend you got"
2. Doll by Death to Anders
3. all those new ones by The Pity Party
2. Monumental Life by the Movies
3. Missed Opportunities by the Movies
1. that new one by Rademacher

I gotta run! bye!