Wednesday, October 15, 2008

seven signs you have entered my room

1. there are unpaid and unopened bills everywhere
2. they are spread out all over the floor, blocking the door as you enter
3. they are spread out all over the desk
4. they are trailing into the "kitchen area" (i live in a bachelor apartment aka no real kitchen in room)
5. they are on my bed as a visual reminder (because I purposefully block out the ones everywhere else) that I need to pay the bills.
6. the message machine is blinking with messages about paying the you know whats...ouch...eeeeeeekkk....
7. you see me, in the corner, just finishing writing this blog...and....oh....look..I am taking out my checks and stamps...
and paying the bills!!!


I am.



Through These Eyes said...

this sounds like my life.

Money Talks said...

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harmolodic said...

Bills on actual paper? I feel like I've just stepped back into the 20th century!

negahdariness said...

I know I know...I need to switch to electronic bills, hahahaaa!! I dont even have an IPod yet!!! or a car!! hahaha, I am soooo out of touch with society!!!
:) :) :)