Thursday, October 9, 2008

there is a horse in my room

I have an excercise bike in my room that I never use. On its handlebars I have draped lots of feathers and ribbons and colorful scarves, and it looks like a big flowing magic horses mane! I thought decorating my excersise bike in this way would get me more enthusiastic about actually using it, but, it's been 6 months since I have dressed her up, and I still have no desire to get on it.
BUT, today, I am going to ride the magical excercise bike horse for 30 minutes. I will be back to report to you how I feel. I am hoping it will take me out of my cranky funk I have been in all day. I didnt sleep well at all because I drank a frigin mango motion energy drink right before bed last night.
OK, I am going to report back in 30 minutes and let you know If indeed there is such thing as an excercise high, and if it will help me get out of my cranky mango motion no sleep funk.

I am done.... and.....Yes! I feel really good! It worked...yes, definately! I feel so much better...:) :) :) Love, Sarah

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