Friday, October 10, 2008


We opened for Deerhoof this last weekend, and I'm starting to get some pictures of the night from the genius photographer Zoe-Ruth.
OH you guys, Deerhoof was so amazing!!! I am so smitten with this band...I have been so in love with this band for so many years, and I am still wondering if last weekend was just a dream?? Did we really open for them??Someone pinch me...
It was so wonderful!!! I don't even know where to begin...Greg the drummer is from another is not humanly possible to play drums like that!!! and Satomi is just too cute and rockin and playful and amazing!!! They have a new guitarist, Ed, who is mind blowingly great!!! I couldn't take my eyes off of him...and...John Dieterich!!! John is my guitar god hero!!! I have loved this man's creativity and mind blowing skill for so long...for years I have pretty much worshipped his playing and their band...and I can't even tell you what a thrill it was to get to share the stage with them, and watch from up close all of the details that John was doing on guitar. it was AWESOME. I am SO INSPIRED. :)
Oh man, it was great. The Avalon was amazing.The Great American Music Hall was just so beautiful and the crowd was packed, and they were all so wonderful! The Deerhoof crowd is a big ball of vibrant and loving and lovely people! Who could be a Deerhoof fan and be a jerk? It doesn't exist apparently, because I thought their crowd was top notch and full of awesome folks. I met so many great people from the crowd both nights.
It was really surreal. I still can't believe it happened. It is so mind blowing to have your heros giving you praise and support.....I mean, It was really surreal. I really can't tell you...I feel very very humbled and lucky. I feel very fortunate to have this experience. :)

Here is a picture of's amazing.....ahhhhhh....i am in awe.....I want to be the female version of this man!! practice pratice practice....xoxoxoxo

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Thad said...

Your SG is a sign (to me) that you are going in the right direction, keep your eyez on the prize. Maybe start saving up for a Les Paul Jr......Hmmmm? Of course I'm right, don't be ridiculous.