Wednesday, October 8, 2008

blogger virgin, the rules, and the secret messages of legs

Hello! Please be patient with me as this is my first blog and I am trying to set up this blog and see how this whole world of writing a blog works! I know that I can just use our Happy Hollows blog, but I also really want to write in my I wish I could draw out my words on the screen so You can See what they look like... The screen would have lots and lots of colorful swirls with words in them!(like my drawing above) :)

Before I begin I want to go over the rules of this blog with you. In Negahdariland there is no such thing as spelling errors and run on sentennnnncesss. There is no such thing as having to write like we are in school!
WAIT. Outside of this RULE, there are no rules. SO, I guess what I am really saying is- there is a rule that there are no rules. AND, there and no judgments. If I am lucky enough to ever recieve a comment, you can say whatever you want, and make no sense, and really, the less you make sense the more fun it will be for me to try and decipher what you mean!

There are no rules in my head and in my heart, and in anything I create...and in all honesty, I have been avoiding creating a blog because I just feel so much pressure when it comes to writng. I have always loved revealing my emotion, but found it really difficult to cross my t's and dot the I's and all of that.

I am write.. be cus .. i am afraid .. i am terrible at .. it . . :(

Anyway, now that I am passed that disclaimer. Thank you to anyone who has the patience to read the rambling thoughts in my head! :)

It is such a strange time to be alive isn't it? Everyone has these blogs and their inner most thoughts get put out there on the web for everyone and anyone to see! It is so strange. We love reality shows, and love seeing what people are like behind the curtian. It's fascinating...I wonder why this is such a phenomena..?

I will be the first to admit that even i have a few reality shows that I love....ok...LOVE. Yes....I am SO embarrassed...but I am going to admit it..I am obssesed with 3 reality shows. The first, and my most favorite is,....You guessed it..PROJECT RUNWAY!!! Oh MY GOD that show is seriously Awesome!!! I love how creative it is!!! It is fierce and fabulous and really brilliant.
The second one is just like Project Runway...but with Food! ....You guessed it!... (you are so smart) is Top Chef!!! That show is AWESOME!!!

OK, now, time for my third favorite. Which, I have to be honest here and say that If I wasn't so embarrassed that you would judge me I would have admitted to you that it is my number one favorite, and not number three, ...IS.....dat dat dat dat dat..drum roll...Oh...i can't say it......OK..I admit..Americas Next Top Model!!! Oh I just made a really crushing face after I wrote that. I just seriously LOVE that Show!!! I really just find it so entertaining to see all of these photo shoots and costumes they get to wear!!! It looks so fun. I absolutley love playful and creative photo shoots!!!xoxoxoxo

I am so lucky that I get to experience them sometimes in the music world! It is even better becuase I get to be in photo shoots for music and not for selling clothes or sexuality! It is wonderful because I can have my stubby short legs and awkward face and moppy hair and It is just fine! I love being short and awkward! I love being short!

Although yesterday i was in a Halloween costume shop, and passed by one of those funny mirrors which contorts your body. In the image I had long legs! Really long ones, and I looked like one of the Americas Next Top Model's type body's! and I said to myself.."Universe..if I have to come back for another lifetime after this...can I experience having long legs please??" It felt like because of these super long legs I saw that I had, my personality changed! I became less...weird. I felt like... a leader! I felt like I was a queen! Not a princess, or a pixie, or a fool, or a fairy. I felt like a beautiful, regal, queen. It was really different.

It is strange what long legs can do for a person. This brings me to my final thought for the day. Did you see the debates last night? Obama had these long beautiful legs, and MCCain had short and stubby legs. JUST from looking at them, i felt like Obama made me feel more at ease, like he was a better leader. A leader I could trust. JUst from his legs!

Oh, Obama, I love you so much. That is my last point. I love Obama.

It is really a neat feeling to Love and Admire a possible (please if there is a god) President! It is a wonderful feeling! I really love him, and just see him as our next president! I can't see it any other way. Obama, i am in love with him....and his wife! i am in love with them both! they both have such beautiful and regal long legs! I love them!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love to you,


Mark said...

Happy to be your first comment! Keep it up... :)

Your friend and fellow Top Chef and Project Runway fan,


jennyfoo_foo said...

You are in no way stubby you are one of the most beautiful people I've ever met inside and out!!! And it seem that no matter what u do u are wonderful at it!!
Jenny(one of your biggest fans!)

sonicnerd said...

you dont have stubby legs!!!! ive seen your vietnam video....i like them. and as for your coming out closet fan of reality shows....i think everyone is dirty jobs a reality show.....? it might be.