Sunday, October 19, 2008

quick quick

I have not had internet for days! I am only getting it slightly right now....ok, quick before it goes away again...I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out to our Long Beach Show on Friday night! It was SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!

One of our favorite bands of all time, The Soft Hands, had their record release party and it was amazing! Alex's bar was packed to the brim, and we got to play to so many new faces. We feel so lucky that The Soft Hands put us on their record release bill. They are so incredible. It was such a great night! My favorite night playing in Long Beach so far, it was very magical...AND, it was really great playing with and meeting two wonderful and sweet bands, the Year Zero, and the Fling. OH internet is going out...nooooooo ok quick other thoughts...oh it was so sweet, the band, The Primos, came to see us and drove all the way to Long Beach on their motorcycles! They are such an amazing band. Oh! and the Hollowbodies came!(they are these sweet girls that have Not Missed one show of our's in an entire year!) I will talk more about them later, as they deserve an entire holiday dedicated to them they mean so much to our band.

oh what elese...I saw the film Persepolis yesterday, and it totally blew me away. It is such a beautiful film. I will have to go into more later, becuase it really really touched me deeply. I am half Iranian, but I was born in Northern California, and I still know very very little about my Iranian history and ancestry. I learned alot from this film, and a WHOLE bunch of PUZZLE peices from my PAST....fell into place. WHOA. I am STILL PROCESSING IT ALL. so heavy. It was a tear jerker, but a beautiful and artistic and funny and creative and just..awe inspiring film, that I hope you all get a chance to see. I can't believe I have a last name like Negahdari and it took me this long to see this film! What was I thinking!?? :) :) :)

my internet is going away now....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

seven signs you have entered my room

1. there are unpaid and unopened bills everywhere
2. they are spread out all over the floor, blocking the door as you enter
3. they are spread out all over the desk
4. they are trailing into the "kitchen area" (i live in a bachelor apartment aka no real kitchen in room)
5. they are on my bed as a visual reminder (because I purposefully block out the ones everywhere else) that I need to pay the bills.
6. the message machine is blinking with messages about paying the you know whats...ouch...eeeeeeekkk....
7. you see me, in the corner, just finishing writing this blog...and....oh....look..I am taking out my checks and stamps...
and paying the bills!!!


I am.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We are the featured artist this month on! You can see an interview and see us recording a few songs for them!

Also, we played live on Hunnypot radio last night, check out the archive!

Hunnypot was a very very funny experience. They broadcast their wild show out of a hottub, :) Everyone there gets drunk and raucous and loud and crazy! Charlie and I walked in the room and were bombarded with loads of alchohol and pot rice crispie treats. It was really fun! By the time I played I could hardly keep my head up! I played solo acoustic, one Happy Hollows song, and one solo folk song.


Monday, October 13, 2008

idealist to the core

I just took the Meyers-Brigs personality test, and I am so blown away!!! It is SO ME. I am really shocked that a 70 question test that asks things like, "how organized is your desk?", can be so right on as to my personality!

Take it and see if it rings true for you!

I took it and got an ENFP personality, and it just blew me away. I am really curious if this works for you as well?

I feel enormous relief in reading this, as I have so many parts of my personality that I judge so harshly, and in reading this, I feel like I have a better understanding of why I feel the way I do in the world, and that it is ok to be the kind of person I am. I feel really free!

It said that the type I am is extremely sensitive, enthusiastic, and imaginative. It said ENFP's are idealists who live in a complete fantasy world where everything and everyone is kind and colorful and artistic and childlike and free! It said these types, as children, almost always made plays and created worlds, and do the same thing into their adult life.

I almost fell out of my seat reading this becuase when I was 8 years old I started writing and creating these crazy musicals for the neighborhood! I would write all the music and characters and cast the plays and put them on for the neighborhood. I had one musical in particular, that I starred in, along with my best friend Heather, called The Enchanted Kingdom. It lasted for a year and had 41 parts!

The play was so stupid, but I thought I was a total genius. I remember being so conceited about my musicals! I was convinced that the Enchanted Kingdom was going to take over the world and be a broadway hit in no time at all.

It was so frustrating for me becuase all of the kids in the neighborhood HATED it! Every week I would come to their door with a flyer for the next showing of my musical, and they would just look so scared of me and annoyed. I was persistent as hell though, and would promise them that this weeks show was sooo much better than last weeks show, and that if they missed it, they would live to regret it! Still, the only audience I remember us ever having was my poor mom and about 20 stuffed animals!

Oh, the worst, oh the woooorsst day ever was when my brother decided to make his own play with his best friend just to challange me. They made this hilarious play that was really hip and cool, it was about being a gangsta or something, and was honestly really funny, although I never admitted it. He invited the neighborhood and everyone came and watched it, and everyone was laughing and cheering for more! Even Heather was cracking up and cheering! ..OH man I was sooo pissed off!!!
:) :) :)

Anyway, take it and see if it works for you! I'm curious If it works for others like it did for me....:) xoxo

Sunday, October 12, 2008

guerilla fest = bliss fest

I am thrilled to report that Guerilla Fest was a huge success!!!! It was so awesome!!! My band the Happy Hollows, along with the Primos, the Widow Babies, AM, Dirt Dress, and Traps, all traveled throughout LA playing at different locations from noon- 5:55 pm. It was so amazing, and was pulled off without confrontation from the authorities! It was unbelieveable! We each played in a different location thoughout the day and the caravaning crowd seemed to grow larger as we went.
The first band played in a tunnel underground in Echo Park, then we went to a parking lot near downtown, then in the middle of buildings in mid wilshire, then in a pumpkin patch (at the grove!), then underneath this electrical structure next to a freeway intersection, and then finally, in oil fields somewhere above the city!
It was so wonderful! All of the bands were so awesome! It was the most wonderful feeling of freedom and artistry and creativity and commrodery I have EVER experienced from playing Live! It was truely a team effort, and a bonding experience with the bands and everyone who came along to watch for the festival! Thank you to everyone who came and helped out!

photo by the amazing Jeff Koga xoxoxo

Friday, October 10, 2008


We opened for Deerhoof this last weekend, and I'm starting to get some pictures of the night from the genius photographer Zoe-Ruth.
OH you guys, Deerhoof was so amazing!!! I am so smitten with this band...I have been so in love with this band for so many years, and I am still wondering if last weekend was just a dream?? Did we really open for them??Someone pinch me...
It was so wonderful!!! I don't even know where to begin...Greg the drummer is from another is not humanly possible to play drums like that!!! and Satomi is just too cute and rockin and playful and amazing!!! They have a new guitarist, Ed, who is mind blowingly great!!! I couldn't take my eyes off of him...and...John Dieterich!!! John is my guitar god hero!!! I have loved this man's creativity and mind blowing skill for so long...for years I have pretty much worshipped his playing and their band...and I can't even tell you what a thrill it was to get to share the stage with them, and watch from up close all of the details that John was doing on guitar. it was AWESOME. I am SO INSPIRED. :)
Oh man, it was great. The Avalon was amazing.The Great American Music Hall was just so beautiful and the crowd was packed, and they were all so wonderful! The Deerhoof crowd is a big ball of vibrant and loving and lovely people! Who could be a Deerhoof fan and be a jerk? It doesn't exist apparently, because I thought their crowd was top notch and full of awesome folks. I met so many great people from the crowd both nights.
It was really surreal. I still can't believe it happened. It is so mind blowing to have your heros giving you praise and support.....I mean, It was really surreal. I really can't tell you...I feel very very humbled and lucky. I feel very fortunate to have this experience. :)

Here is a picture of's amazing.....ahhhhhh....i am in awe.....I want to be the female version of this man!! practice pratice practice....xoxoxoxo

Thursday, October 9, 2008

there is a horse in my room

I have an excercise bike in my room that I never use. On its handlebars I have draped lots of feathers and ribbons and colorful scarves, and it looks like a big flowing magic horses mane! I thought decorating my excersise bike in this way would get me more enthusiastic about actually using it, but, it's been 6 months since I have dressed her up, and I still have no desire to get on it.
BUT, today, I am going to ride the magical excercise bike horse for 30 minutes. I will be back to report to you how I feel. I am hoping it will take me out of my cranky funk I have been in all day. I didnt sleep well at all because I drank a frigin mango motion energy drink right before bed last night.
OK, I am going to report back in 30 minutes and let you know If indeed there is such thing as an excercise high, and if it will help me get out of my cranky mango motion no sleep funk.

I am done.... and.....Yes! I feel really good! It worked...yes, definately! I feel so much better...:) :) :) Love, Sarah

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

blogger virgin, the rules, and the secret messages of legs

Hello! Please be patient with me as this is my first blog and I am trying to set up this blog and see how this whole world of writing a blog works! I know that I can just use our Happy Hollows blog, but I also really want to write in my I wish I could draw out my words on the screen so You can See what they look like... The screen would have lots and lots of colorful swirls with words in them!(like my drawing above) :)

Before I begin I want to go over the rules of this blog with you. In Negahdariland there is no such thing as spelling errors and run on sentennnnncesss. There is no such thing as having to write like we are in school!
WAIT. Outside of this RULE, there are no rules. SO, I guess what I am really saying is- there is a rule that there are no rules. AND, there and no judgments. If I am lucky enough to ever recieve a comment, you can say whatever you want, and make no sense, and really, the less you make sense the more fun it will be for me to try and decipher what you mean!

There are no rules in my head and in my heart, and in anything I create...and in all honesty, I have been avoiding creating a blog because I just feel so much pressure when it comes to writng. I have always loved revealing my emotion, but found it really difficult to cross my t's and dot the I's and all of that.

I am write.. be cus .. i am afraid .. i am terrible at .. it . . :(

Anyway, now that I am passed that disclaimer. Thank you to anyone who has the patience to read the rambling thoughts in my head! :)

It is such a strange time to be alive isn't it? Everyone has these blogs and their inner most thoughts get put out there on the web for everyone and anyone to see! It is so strange. We love reality shows, and love seeing what people are like behind the curtian. It's fascinating...I wonder why this is such a phenomena..?

I will be the first to admit that even i have a few reality shows that I love....ok...LOVE. Yes....I am SO embarrassed...but I am going to admit it..I am obssesed with 3 reality shows. The first, and my most favorite is,....You guessed it..PROJECT RUNWAY!!! Oh MY GOD that show is seriously Awesome!!! I love how creative it is!!! It is fierce and fabulous and really brilliant.
The second one is just like Project Runway...but with Food! ....You guessed it!... (you are so smart) is Top Chef!!! That show is AWESOME!!!

OK, now, time for my third favorite. Which, I have to be honest here and say that If I wasn't so embarrassed that you would judge me I would have admitted to you that it is my number one favorite, and not number three, ...IS.....dat dat dat dat dat..drum roll...Oh...i can't say it......OK..I admit..Americas Next Top Model!!! Oh I just made a really crushing face after I wrote that. I just seriously LOVE that Show!!! I really just find it so entertaining to see all of these photo shoots and costumes they get to wear!!! It looks so fun. I absolutley love playful and creative photo shoots!!!xoxoxoxo

I am so lucky that I get to experience them sometimes in the music world! It is even better becuase I get to be in photo shoots for music and not for selling clothes or sexuality! It is wonderful because I can have my stubby short legs and awkward face and moppy hair and It is just fine! I love being short and awkward! I love being short!

Although yesterday i was in a Halloween costume shop, and passed by one of those funny mirrors which contorts your body. In the image I had long legs! Really long ones, and I looked like one of the Americas Next Top Model's type body's! and I said to myself.."Universe..if I have to come back for another lifetime after this...can I experience having long legs please??" It felt like because of these super long legs I saw that I had, my personality changed! I became less...weird. I felt like... a leader! I felt like I was a queen! Not a princess, or a pixie, or a fool, or a fairy. I felt like a beautiful, regal, queen. It was really different.

It is strange what long legs can do for a person. This brings me to my final thought for the day. Did you see the debates last night? Obama had these long beautiful legs, and MCCain had short and stubby legs. JUST from looking at them, i felt like Obama made me feel more at ease, like he was a better leader. A leader I could trust. JUst from his legs!

Oh, Obama, I love you so much. That is my last point. I love Obama.

It is really a neat feeling to Love and Admire a possible (please if there is a god) President! It is a wonderful feeling! I really love him, and just see him as our next president! I can't see it any other way. Obama, i am in love with him....and his wife! i am in love with them both! they both have such beautiful and regal long legs! I love them!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of Love to you,