Sunday, November 9, 2008

NY, DC, and India....:)

I'm back! I'm back on the internet! yeah!!!! YAY!!! weeeeeeee!!!!
Ok so much has occured in life since I last wrote. We got to go to New York City and play at CMJ and it was really really fun! I am going to post a little video we did soon.
It was really wonderful to be back in NY even for just a few days. I lived there in 2003 for only a short year, and although it's only been 5 years since I have been there, I felt like a totally different person upon returning. I remembered when I lived there, I felt so young and so intimadated by all of the huge buildings, and just so scared and lonely and so small! NOW, to my surprise, I felt bigger than the buildings! I felt so grown up and wordly and just soooo much more secure in myself. It was wonderful to get to reflect on how much my outer life and inner life has transformed since living there. I really missed it and wondered....hhhmmm...It would be a very different story If I moved here again now that I know what I know about myself....hhmmm....I love it there so much. BUT...I am really happy in LA and I do hate the snow now that I really think about it.
OK, so we stayed with my best friend Lauren, who I have known since I was in first grade. She had an amazing apartment right next to Central Park. We went out all night a few nights in a row and saw many bands and went dancing at this awesome place that played 80's music until 5 am and it was really wonderful! We played our show at this gigantic theatre called the Blender Theatre. We played with Monotonix and Yo Majesty and so many others and it was really great. There weren't as many people there as everyone had hoped, but I think for a showcase there were alot of people there in reality, it was just that the venure was so massive, it felt empty in comparison to the size. We were really happy with the turnout and the show and we got to watch all the other amazing bands that night and go dance at the after party until 4am.
Then, our time in NY was over :(. I was very resistant to leaving and I refused to go to bed and went and had coffee in the morning at central Park and just took it all in while I still had a few precious hours left.
Charlie's sister Eleanor picked us up and drove us to our next stop DC. We played a very fun show with a very very wonderful folkish style band called Birdlips.
Then, we went back to stay at Charlie's parents house becuase a friend of ours had his wedding out there in DC later that week. It was great to see it because it was a Hindu wedding! I decided I am going to have a Hindu wedding if I ever get married even If i dont marry a Hindu! Yay!

I have come to this conclusion becuase of 3 main factors that I found so impressive about this Hindu wedding.

1. The groom rides to meet the bride on a decorated White Horse (omg), while he himself dresses up like an Indian Prince.
2. While he is rising the horse, everyone at the wedding chants and cheers and sings and dances along side with truck rides in front of the caravan BLASTING out Indian house dance music!
3. There are 7 vows for the groom to take and only 1 for the bride. If you didnt think that was great enough, one of the vows says to the groom, that while your bride right now is beautiful and young, and has a beautiful body, someday she will have kids, and things will sag, and she will get all wrinkly and floppy, (seriously, I am not kidding, the vow said this word for word), and you must promise to still find her beautiful and still love her just the same as you do on your wedding day.
I thought that was so cool. It was really beautiful and colorful as well. Great experience.

Then we flew home...just in time to... VOTE. OMG!!!!! OBAMA WON!!!!! I have been in heaven the last few is so mind blowing and so amazing!!!! I have loved this man since I saw his speech for years ago at the DNC and I just never in my wildest dreams imaged that only 4 years later he would be OUR PRESIDENT. Hell yeah!!!!! This feels historic and SO HOPEFUL and SO POSSIBLE....I feel in the possibilities, as Oprah always says, hell yeah, I love Oprah and I love that we are liiiiving in the possibilitieeeeees!!!

Last but not least we had our record release show the the Echo!!!! It was really fun we played with our faves the Soft Hands and Die Rockers Die and also the Strange Boys. It was really great.
It has been such a long and busy three weeks but I am home and I have intenet and I have a little cold and I am going to go to practice now. much love to you!
Sarah xoxoxoxo

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