Monday, October 13, 2008

idealist to the core

I just took the Meyers-Brigs personality test, and I am so blown away!!! It is SO ME. I am really shocked that a 70 question test that asks things like, "how organized is your desk?", can be so right on as to my personality!

Take it and see if it rings true for you!

I took it and got an ENFP personality, and it just blew me away. I am really curious if this works for you as well?

I feel enormous relief in reading this, as I have so many parts of my personality that I judge so harshly, and in reading this, I feel like I have a better understanding of why I feel the way I do in the world, and that it is ok to be the kind of person I am. I feel really free!

It said that the type I am is extremely sensitive, enthusiastic, and imaginative. It said ENFP's are idealists who live in a complete fantasy world where everything and everyone is kind and colorful and artistic and childlike and free! It said these types, as children, almost always made plays and created worlds, and do the same thing into their adult life.

I almost fell out of my seat reading this becuase when I was 8 years old I started writing and creating these crazy musicals for the neighborhood! I would write all the music and characters and cast the plays and put them on for the neighborhood. I had one musical in particular, that I starred in, along with my best friend Heather, called The Enchanted Kingdom. It lasted for a year and had 41 parts!

The play was so stupid, but I thought I was a total genius. I remember being so conceited about my musicals! I was convinced that the Enchanted Kingdom was going to take over the world and be a broadway hit in no time at all.

It was so frustrating for me becuase all of the kids in the neighborhood HATED it! Every week I would come to their door with a flyer for the next showing of my musical, and they would just look so scared of me and annoyed. I was persistent as hell though, and would promise them that this weeks show was sooo much better than last weeks show, and that if they missed it, they would live to regret it! Still, the only audience I remember us ever having was my poor mom and about 20 stuffed animals!

Oh, the worst, oh the woooorsst day ever was when my brother decided to make his own play with his best friend just to challange me. They made this hilarious play that was really hip and cool, it was about being a gangsta or something, and was honestly really funny, although I never admitted it. He invited the neighborhood and everyone came and watched it, and everyone was laughing and cheering for more! Even Heather was cracking up and cheering! ..OH man I was sooo pissed off!!!
:) :) :)

Anyway, take it and see if it works for you! I'm curious If it works for others like it did for me....:) xoxo


harmolodic said...

I just took the test. It said I'm an ENTJ (or "fieldmarshall"), which I'm pretty sure is more a reflection of how I've adapted to my 8-5 M-F surroundings than anything. But then, my saying so is consistent with an ENTJ personality too, so there you go. "Fieldmarshals will usually rise to positions of responsibility and enjoy being executives." Enjoy? I think I'll have to kill off more of my powers of sympathy and empathy before that happens...

I feel like I allowed the more free-flowing creative side of my personality to atrophy under pressure to maintain a stable living standard. I used to make tape recordings when I was a kid, making up my own audio episodes of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and the Dukes of Hazzard, usually in collaboration with one other friend. And engaged in "competitive" ad wars with another friend in junior high during class, in a parody on the cola wars (no wonder I was such a terrible science student). I loved the idea of collaborating with another person on something creative, and still do, but that side of me is not as strong as it used to be and is fighting to break through again. You've reminded me once again that with persistence, the muse will become stronger and take over once again. I might have to let some of the stuff I'm juggling fall down and pick it up later, but you know, a little tumble is OK once in a while.

Great show at GAMH, by the way! Lookin' forward to the next one, and my friends WILL make it this time :)

p said...

this test always seems to pop up with people i know every year or so. i'm an INFJ...hello fellow idealist!


your pal, Anthony said...

i'm going to take it as well, right now.
Clive Owen