Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!!!!

Last weekend was the best weekend ever folks. On Friday night my band Happy Hollows got invited by the one and only hilarious and cool as hell director Adam Mckay to play his Barack Obama Celebration party! It was so fun...and surreal because Borat was at the party (Sasha Barron Cohen), and Will Ferrel, and John C. Reiley, and many many others. Gina Garshon, alot of cast members from the Office, it was really cool!!!! It was soooo coooollll...ahahahahhhaaaaa...

and then, I went home to Chico and had our annual early Thanksgiving! Only second best to the annual early Christmas! My whole life my family has Thanksgiving and Christmas a week or two early becuase they hate traffic! SOoooo, hah ahahhaaaa, i had Thanksgiving and you didn't!

ha ha haaaaaaa

just kidding. It was fun though and....hard too because (as most families do) my family has its fair share of issssssuuueeees...

BUT..... it was all in all a wonderful trip home and....

I am still Glowing from my time mingling with Mckay and his Comedy Kings on Friday night!!!

Lots of Love,

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la-underground said...

that almost beats our best weekend ever of listening to all our various copies of the new limited edition 7" by this band called happy hollows.