Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Solo show tonight at Spaceland!!!

Last minute, Free show tonight!!! At Spaceland!!! Me solo, mostly acoustic, with the Sad Solids!!!
I go on at 10pm!!

with Rocco Deluca and Correatown!!!!

Love you


harmolodic said...

Paired up with Correatown, nice. Solo or full band for her? Wish I could go, but the bullet train is a long way from construction. Hope it goes well!

tom said...

the sad solids were amazing, and I enjoyed meeting you in person and getting like 5 amazing negahugs. I'm spreading the the word up here in PORTLAND

Justin Writes Nonsense said...

haha negahugs lol. I got one of those in El Paso, I must say it was wonderful.

Sara MacFarlane Photography said...

Sarah come back!

I have photos for you from Spaceland...Oh I do hope you remember me, it's been a while :)

Sara Mac